Honda CR-Z HPD Review, Price

The Honda CR-Z HPD is a perfect cross between a hatch and a sports car. First launched during 2010, Honda gave the statement that CR-Z got its descent from their very own CR-X. CR-X is a 1980s model which had a simple design with alow weight. Then C-Z Sports Hybrid was launched which caught the attention of many Honda lovers. Due to its high popularity the famed automaker decided to come up with supercharged CR-Z HPD model which is better in terms of looks as well as performance. This latest vehicle from Honda’s sports version is more about the engineering and less about the traditional performance. The most interesting feature of this creation is that the buyers will get the freedom to choose some components of this car and add it to their Honda CR-Z HPD.

Honda CR-Z HPD - front

Exterior and Interior Specifications of Honda CR-Z HPD

The most striking feature of this cross hatchback is its wheels. Michelin Pilot Super Sports tires are a major attraction. Stickier, wider tires come with alloy coating. The HPD diffuser improves the aerodynamics of this car. This feature helps in giving this Honda creation a supreme look. The 18 inch alloy wheels provide a clandestine look to the car. The front brakes are made with 4 monobloc pistons Aluminum Clipper and has directionally ventilated rotor. Some of the fixtures which are being offered with Honda CR-Z HPD are as follows:
• Deck lid Spoiler
• HPD Front Brake Kit
• HPD Diffuser Kit
• HPD Sport Suspension Kit
• Front Lip Spoiler
• HPD Limited Slip Differential
Supercharger Parts consist of Airbox System, High Flow injector, Pulley Set, Washer Bottle, and Air to Air Intercooler, Traction oil Cooler, ECU Re-Flashed and Centrifugal Supercharger. This kit is the jewel of this hybrid vehicle. The Supercharger kit increases the engine’s output to a whooping 197hp from a mere 130hp.


Cockpit of CR-Z HPD is highly satisfactory for a Honda lover. Apart from the internal looks there are several interior features which are worth mentioning. Rowing gears has been made lighter and uncomplicated. The HPD front break is going to give this hatchback a short and smooth stop which will repel fade. The chassis is on top of sport suspension which ultimately reduces the trip elevation at 10 mm.

Honda CR-Z HPD - interior

Honda CR-Z HPD – Engine Specification and Fuel Economy

Powertrain of this hybrid consists of 4-cylinder in-line supercharged engine. With a 1497 cc of displacement it will provide a horsepower of 198 units at 6300 rpm. An estimated torque of 155 lb ft at. It is expected that this latest release from Honda is going to deliver 31 mpg on city roads and 38 mpg on highways. When combined it may provide 34 mpg.

Honda CR-Z HPD - side

Honda CR-Z HPD – Price and Competitors

Price of this latest Honda CR-Z HPD is $39,654.08 which is excluding installation of HPD parts. This car is presently available in all leading markets. When it comes to performance this is one such offering from Honda which is worth buying. The possible competitors of Honda CR-Z HPD are Volkswagen GTI, Ford Fiesta ST, Alfa Romeo 4C, 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG and Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

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