2018 Honda FCX Concept Specs, Price

With the gradual depletion of the existing non-renewable natural resources it is becoming quite evident that the future of automobile will be dependent either on alternative power and highly efficient drivetrain. Honda is one those companies whose vehicles are ahead of their times. The 2018 Honda FCX Concept is a perfect example. This vehicle is already out on the road and what makes it special is the fuel cell powering it.

2018 Honda FCX Concept - front

2018 Honda FCX Concept – Fresh New Look Promised

This vehicle has been engineered to perfection and it offers significantly high output to capacity ratio. FCX concept will have a low centre of gravity and aerodynamically advanced design. This new sedan will be available in the market soon and it will be creating some buzz when it does so. The 2018 Honda FCX Concept comes with quite a unique look and an advanced design. Instead having LED head lamps like most modern-day cars it comes with a LED screen in front and its rear is slightly lifted than its front. It has got a low cabin with a huge capacity and the Honda FCX Concept 2018 can carry up to 5 people. It comes with 16 inch wheels and can even do well and show its superior handling capabilities of rough terrains. The design perfectly complements the unique powertrain of this sedan and it also comes with triangular tail lamps. More about interiors and safety features of this great vehicle is to be available soon.

2018 Honda FCX Concept - interior

2018 Honda FCX Concept – Engine Specification

The 2018 Honda FCX Concept engine is what makes it really special and it will be clear why. This sedan comes with a twin turbocharged 1.2 L engine that has direct fuel engine technology in it. The special part i.e. the hydrogen gas fuel is provided internally and along with this unit is capable of producing an output of 138 horses which roughly estimates to 100 kW. That is something remarkable for an engine of 1.2L. The torque of this unit is around 189 pounds per feet. Mated with a six speed gear box, available in both automatic and manual drive options; this unit provides an amazing average mileage of 35 miles per gallon. On city roads it will provide 35 mpg and on highway this figure will rise up to 37 mpg. To add to that it comes with a lighter chassis, improved suspension and superior handling. Last but not the least dependability. It is most likely to be offered in All-Wheel Drive option.

2018 Honda FCX Concept - rear

Release Date and Price of 2018 Honda FCX Concept

Honda never ceases to surprise its customers. This time they will be releasing an advanced and premium sedan like the 2018 Honda FCX Concept for a nominal price tag of $22k. For the things that are being offered in this car, it is a takeaway. However the tag is only valid for the base variant for other variants it will range up to $25k. It is likely to be available in the market by the fourth quarter of 2017. Honda is not the only pioneer when it comes to innovating companies like Suzuki; Toyota & Nissan are also working on such vehicles. Cars like the Land Cruiser and Suzuki im-4 will be released around the time of 2018 Honda FCX Concept release date and they being vehicles of similar stature will provide some competition.

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