Honda Crider Concept Review, Price

Honda produces its production model cars almost every year, the cars produced every year only gets better, and the new Honda Crider Concept is one amongst them. Honda Crider first debuted in the automobile industry in 2013 as a mid-sized sedan which was a combination of Honda City and Honda Accord. Previously Honda Crider was sold only in domestic market in China, but it is said that this new Crider concept model will be made available for global markets. This new Crider Concept by Honda is based on its current generation model which is the 2016 Honda Crider model. This new Honda Crider will also be sharing some of the features already seen in its current generation model but will also bring some new changes as well.

Honda Crider Concept - front

Exterior and Interior Design of Honda Crider Concept

Although being a new upcoming model, some of the features in the outer body will remain the same as it was in its previous version model. But there are some new changes done in its outer body. New headlights in the front give the car an aggressive look, taillights also feature this similar aggressive design. These lights have LED technology in them with a blue outline, border lines also give this car a bold and stuffed look. Grille in the front fascia is modified, this grille is having a chrome accent and flat tips, windscreen appears to be made a little bit larger compared to its previous model.


Interior cabin is laid out very stylish and ergonomic in this Honda Crider Concept. This interior cabin has a pretty decent head room, leg room, and overall space. Seats are upholstered with very high-quality material, armrests, door panels, steering wheel and central cabin are also upholstered with rich quality materials. All the electronic technological features like entertainment system and infotainment system are upgraded, controls in the instrument cluster are revisited, and controls on the steering wheel are made more accessible. A large user-friendly smart touchscreen display is also included which also has navigation and controls to other functions.

Honda Crider Concept - interior

Honda Crider Concept – Engine Configuration and Fuel Economy

Honda Crider Concept will use either a 1.8-liter i-VTEC gasoline engine or a 5.0-liter i-VTEC engine. This 1.8-liter i-VTEC engine will be able to produce an output of 140 horsepower and equally good amount of torque. These engines are likely to be coupled with a five-speed transmission system which will use either an automatic or manual drive selection with front wheel drive configuration. All-wheel drive may also be the option, but chances are very that this AWD configuration will be used. Exact details about the fuel economy of this car are still unknown, but engineers and designers will be making this car to have a good economy in fuel consumption.

Honda Crider Concept - rear

Honda Crider Concept – Competitors, Price and Release Date

Competitors for Crider concept of Honda have been Volkswagen Sagitar and Citroen Cl4. There are no exact details of the price for this model, but its prices have been in the close range of $20,394 to $26,670. No official details have been announced by the company as to when this Honda Crider Concept will be released.

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