2017 Honda Freed Design, Price

2014 has been a harsh time for Honda after their not so successful release of the Honda plug-in hybrid. This free size mini MPV has been designed by the Honda Company. Its predecessor Honda Mobilo minivan has been upgraded to 2017 Honda Freed. It has been unveiled at the New York Motors in 2015 in front of a handsome crowd. Engine parts has been updated and modified. They have a total sale target of 1.2 lakh units by the end of next year. This car will be available in all showrooms of Honda all over the world.

2017 Honda Freed - front

2017 Honda Freed – Fresh New Look Promised

This 2017 Freed has been filled up with full seat belt protection. It also has protective bumper in the front made up of aluminium. This makes the car much stronger than other cars. Airbags are also updated and a new version has been added. Child locks with electronic doors are also safety measures which are added in this car. There are about a total of 7 seats arranged in three row combination. First and second row contains 3 seats each and the third row contains 4 seats. Each seat is movable and thus can be moved in order to clean floor mats. Its space has been increased in the luggage section. The 2017 Honda Freed will be getting 4G internet connectivity with full time GPS control. Its GPS can be used to track cars and roads. There is also an LED screen attached in the front row which is of the size of 8.7 inches. It also has Infotainment system and audio control settings.


The 2017 Honda Freed uses LEDs which are made up of chlorine and neon gas. They have also used phosphorous gas in these LED which increases efficiency of a light by 3%. They have been portrayed in different shapes. It is rectangular at the rear end and triangular in front. Its glass wall will be dark and made up of fine chromium glass which traps heat and light too. There is around 4% of light which is being trapped by using this glass. The rear end has different shape LED lights which starts to blink automatically when a car comes about 5 metre distances. It also has touch sensitivity which fires an alarm when touched by someone unknown.

2017 Honda Freed - interior

2017 Honda Freed – Powertrain and Fuel Economy

The Honda Freed 2017 will have a base engine of 1.5 liters which has a net capability of producing 130 HP and a maximum torque of 180 lb-ft. This will be powered by seven speed automatic transmission at the rate of 3500 RPM. A CVT transmission may also be used. It will provide around 29 mpg mileage in city roads and 34 mpg on national highways. There is also a six tool gearbox in addition to the full transmission.

2017 Honda Freed - rear

2017 Honda Freed – Price and Release Date

The 2017 Honda Freed A2 will be priced around $35,563 and model number A1 will have a maximum price of $45,939. Well, get ready to enjoy its ride by February, 2017.

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