2017 Honda HR-V Changes, Release Date

Are you looking for latest crossover cars? Then you are absolutely in the right place because for you information, 2017 Honda HR-V is on its way and it will drive you crazy before you drive it. This is being designed in the best possible way keeping in mind about the price not exceeding much from the present version. Honda has appointed few of the best engineers from all over the world so that all issues of the existing model are wiped away in this version. There are few yet mentionable changes in 2017 version Honda HR-V which include little bit different exterior, a refreshed interior and rest changes will be observed in performance.

2017 Honda HR-V - front

2017 Honda HR-V – Body Styles Changes and other Options

As far as appearance is concerned, 2017 Honda HR-V has got a V shaped grille portion of mesh structure with metal bar in the center where the brand logo is embedded. Headlights are stretched out horizontally and are of LED make. LEDs last for a longer period of time as they are products of new technology. Also they consume little energy to produce bright light of white color. There are two small fog lamps in two sides of the front bumper. Ground clearance is optimum for this car which is neither too high to make a bad appearance nor too low to increase risk factor of ground hitting. High quality 18 inch alloy wheels are installed in upcoming version of 2017 HR-V. These wheels have got five spokes in each wheel and they are all attached together on the rim of wheel.


The 2017 Honda HR-V will get a complete makeover when it comes to interior of this car. First of all, infotainment feature will get upgraded with latest version consoles. All existing consoles will be there with few getting replaced by latest versions. Interior features depend on the trim chosen. Honda HR-V will be offered in three different trim levels which are EX-L, EX and LX with LX being the lowest trim with basic features.

2017 Honda HR-V - interior

2017 Honda HR-V – Engine and Fuel economy

Coming under the hood of 2017 Honda HR-V, this has got a 1.8 liter engine of four cylinders as the base version. Very little is known about the engine specification so far, as Honda prefers to keep mum about it. A standard manual transmission with CVT technology is fitted along with the engine. Transmission offered so far is six-speed and manually controlled as stated previously. The power produced by the base engine is up to 150 HP with a torque of 140 lb-ft in all probability; there will be other higher versions of engine for Honda HR-V. Fuel economy of this car is around 27 mpg for city drive, around 32 mpg for highway drive and around 29 mpg in average.

2017 Honda HR-V - rear

2017 Honda HR-V – Price and Release date

The Honda HR-V 2017 is supposed to reach the market by the second quarter of this year. Price for the base version of this car has been fixed at around $20,000. Higher version prices have not yet been fixed and it all depends on the features offered with respective trims.

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