2017 Honda Accord Spirior Design, Price

There is a new upcoming Accord model from Honda, which is the 2017 Honda Accord Spirior. Honda always impresses their customers every time they launch a new model, and this new 2017 Accord Spirior is no less than its previous models. This new car from Honda is bringing with itself a beautiful modern body design, great performance with matched fuel economy. This car is going to catch the eyes of all buyers and fans in the auto show.

2017 Honda Accord Spirior - front

Body Design and Details of its Interior Cabin of 2017 Honda Accord Spirior

Changes in the body design of the Honda Spirior 2017 can be seen right away in its front fascia; the grille has been modified, and has a metallic black color. The headlight has received a new sporty design. Body lines of this 2017 Honda Accord Spirior have been emphasized, and have been modified to give a sporty and modern look. More aerodynamic features have been incorporated into the outer body of this car to increase performance and handling. Hood has new contour lines on each side, new lightweight wheels are featured, and metallic lines appear on each side of the body in wheel areas. The rear portion of this car is also made very appealing, taillights are extended towards the tailgate, two exhaust outlet vents can be seen which are rectangular in shape.


The interior cabin of this new 2017 Honda Accord Spirior is made very modern, comfortable and spacious. Features including gadgets and technology are upgraded to their latest versions so that nothing important is left behind. Fine materials are used for the upholstery of seats and other parts of this interior cabin to give utmost comfort to passengers as well as the driver. The touchscreen display is upgradedand new apps have been installed on it, GPS navigation is upgraded and improved. Seats have different functions like cooling and heating, power adjustment functions. This interior cabin also features infotainment system that is latest and upgraded with different functions.

2017 Honda Accord Spirior - interior

Engine of 2017 Honda Accord Spirior

Exact engine variants which this Honda Accord Spirior will be using are not known. There is a possibility of a 2.4liter i-VTEC engine with four cylinders. This engine has a direct injection function, and this engine is able to produce 190 horsepower and equal amounts of torque rating. This engine is going to be paired with a DCT eight speed transmission system with front wheel drive and all-wheel drive as choices. Front wheel drive configuration may come as a standard option in this car. The estimated overall fuel economy of this car is going to be 33 miles per gallon which is an average fuel economy.

2017 Honda Accord Spirior - rear

2017 Honda Accord Spirior – Competitors, Release Date and its Price

Some of its main competitors that it will be facing in the automobile market are the Toyota Camry, Audi A4, Mazda 6, Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat. This new Honda Spirior is going to be presented at the American Motor Show in 2016. The price of this 2017 Honda Accord Spirior will be ranging from $27,000 to $35,000.

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