Acura TLX GT Specs, Engine

The Acura TLX GT was first released at the Detroit Auto Show of 2014. The car has seized an enormous popularity from its launch and has received positive compliments from entire racing world. Acura is ready to make its first official appearance in Motown this year only. Peter Cunningham of Real Time Racing team is going to take part in the event with the all-new TLX GT. Pirelli World Challenge rounds of Detroit Grand Prix which is going to be held on 30 May to 1 June will see the first glimpse of Acura TLX GT in a first professional racing competition. With latest technology from Acura and the experience of Real Time Racing which has been involved with Acura for a long time, there is a wide possibility for the team to win this competition.

Acura TLX GT - front

Acura TLX GT – Fresh New Look Promised

The Acura TLX GT is almost similar to Acura TLX which is a non-racing commercial car. Both of them virtually shares same types of parts apart from a few elements like blocks and heads of engine, some badges, passenger seats which is single in the case of racing car and the commercial one a four seated one. TLX also has LED headlights apart from the LED turn signal indicators which are integrated with the lateral mirrors. LED lamps are also incorporated into the rear brakes. Although length of the car has been reduced by a petite size of 3.8 inches, base of the wheels holds the same size. Doors also possess sound insulation along with multiple door seals in order to reduce the noise disturbing the driver.

Acura TLX GT - interior

Performance and Efficiency of Acura TLX GT

The TLX GT possesses a Twin-Turbo 3.5L V6 600 horsepower engine which is inserted far back beneath its windshield. Its engine can be spun all around 90 degrees. Furthermore location of its engine is such that all other elements are moved backwards about a foot compared to its street version. Seat of the driver too is pushed backwards which results in a problem of vision on driver’s part. This does not occur in the street car. There are also available beefier internals and two turbo which help surge the speed to that 600hp limit. It is powered by 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine. The most crucial element of this car which gives it huge power is its all-wheel-drive system. Controls in all corners of the TLX GT helped a lot since its advent in 2015 due to the new configurations supplied from the factory. The Acura TLX GT version is far more efficient than its street version due to a huge difference in weight of around 700 pounds and better gripping tires. These conditions are ideal for racing. Slicks of Pirelli P Zero and a carbon-fiber front splitter are used. Its front brakes consist of six-piston and the rear 4-piston. Its strut-type front suspension keeps it fastened to ground. It has medium to high under steer at its limits which at time is lessened by the back wheel steering.

Acura TLX GT - side

Acura TLX GT – Price and Competition

The Acura TLX GT is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and is coupled to a system of dual-clutch transmission. Its fuel economy ranges from 23 mpg to 32.9 mpg on an average. The price of this car is roughly around $45,000 but the street car is approximately about $33,000. It is already available in the market for thrillers. Fierce competition is expected with rivals starting from Mercedes SLS, Porsche 911 and Ferrari 458.

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