2017 Honda Fit EV Review, Price

Honda has been banking on their upcoming 2017 Honda Fit EV. This will be a totally new car in the market. Honda aims in bringing the best software and technology in the doorstep and that too with the latest model. This vehicle gets some upgrades in terms of engine and thus has an upgraded hybrid variant with amazing performance. This subcompact car was unveiled at the New York Motor Show in 2015. The system supports Four Wheel Drive and has backup power too.

2017 Honda Fit EV - front

Interior and Exterior Review of 2017 Honda Fit EV

The 2017 Honda Fit EV will be getting some changes which can be observed once it gets out. Its seats have been designed by the company itself which uses mainly England leather and soft cotton balls to provide the best comfort. This Honda Fit EV has been arranged in such manner that it will have a total of 2 rows and around 5 passengers can seat. These seats are movable seats which increases interior space. Interior surface has been covered by aluminium sheets which help in absorbing heat. Thus, this car will be much cooler. It has auto environment effect which help in stabilising the atmosphere inside the car. An 8.9 inches LED screen is also present in the front row. Driver now can drive the Honda Fit EV 2017 uses power steering. Floor mats has been put up with auto moisture suction effect. This helps in absorbing water after washing.  Its Bluetooth voice command is an interesting feature along with safety features like traction control and safety bags. It has the latest Infotainment system along with voice command technology. For entertainment purpose, it has 3 bass booster Dual Dolby speakers to keep this car lively.


A new feature which has been added is called the blink LED which blinks while operating. Honda used it because it is observed that people gets more attention from blink light than constant light. The 2017 Honda Fit EV is built upon concept C design. Its aerodynamics makes sure that it gets highest level of speed and acceleration. There are a few bumpers and exhaust pipes to add to account. It also has a broad front grille with latest in touch technology.

2017 Honda Fit EV - interior

2017 Honda Fit EV – Engine and Fuel Economy

Ever wondered how you can travel at a speed of 150 km/h? Engine is the key here. The 2017 Honda Fit EV will be getting a 1.4 L i-DSI engine and a 1.5 L VTEC engine. Both of these engines will be getting a seven speed automatic transmission with two spark plugs. This increases the ignition power of this car. Talking about fuel economy, it is quite good for a subcompact car to have a fuel economy of around 130 HP and a maximum torque of 100 lb-ft. It will give a mileage of 34 mpg on highways and around 30 mpg in city roads.

2017 Honda Fit EV - rear

2017 Honda Fit EV – Price and Availability

The 2017 Honda Fit EV will be available by March, 2017. The two models of this only differ on the type of engine. One cost around $34,234 and the other around $39,993. Price may change according to the availability of this car.

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