2017 Honda S660 Design, Release Date

Honda is planning a big step forward in the automobile market with the launch of 2017 version of Honda S660. It comes in a two seater roadster model. It can be classified as a small size sports car. The concept of S660 was first introduced in 2013 Tokyo Motor show and it has been since then getting a lot of attention and hype around it. First production started in 2015. It will come in a transverse mid-engine and rear wheel drive body. Till now Asian manufacturers like Honda have not been able to well establish themselves in the sports car segment. Italian and German cars have quite a monopoly in this segment. But the release of 2017 Honda S660 can actually change the state of affairs. This 2017 S660 holds a lot of promise; it would be interesting to see how much Honda can actually deliver.

2017 Honda S660 - front

2017 Honda S660 – Design and Modeling

The 2017 Honda S660 will be small in size. It will be released in Japan as a kei car (or a small size car) which has some specific benefits in their domestic market. It will be most probably 11 feet in length. Net weight would also be quite less and will lie in between 1800 and 1900 pound. This will give better fuel economy and all round performance. Japanese companies have never been conservative towards their technology. The Honda S660 shows off some really advanced technological features such as satellite navigation, branded music system, Bluetooth connect, USB ports, parking assistance through rear view cameras, LED lighting technology, cruise control, seat belts, air bags, etc.

2017 Honda S660 - interior

Drivetrain, Performance and Fuel Efficiency of 2017 Honda S660

Honda has always surprised every car lover through its very varied cars. The 2017 Honda S660 also comes as a surprise as it is represents roadster type vehicles. Roadsters are quite an exciting piece of auto machine. Its engine, that will be small or mid-sized, consists of three chambers for gasoline combustion. The capacity of this engine will be nearly 660 cubic cm or 0.66 liters. Such an engine can easily generate about 64 hp and around 104 Nm torque. This drivetrain gets mated with a 6 speed auto or manual transmission system or one can simply choose the CVT transmission system. Company has guaranteed performance as well as fuel economy of this drivetrain. Top speed reaches up to 135 miles per hour and in just 7 sec you can reach 60 miles per hour with it. Considering body of S660 it can be said that such a drivetrain will be quite promising as company has not revealed anything regarding that.

2017 Honda S660 - rear

2017 Honda S660 – Price, Launch Date and Competition

Honda hasn’t yet officially reported the price nor release date of 2017 Honda S660. Experts suggest that its starting price may rise to $20,000 and will get increased with upgradations done. S660 may be seen at nearby automobiles stores by the end of this year. The Honda S660 2017 will face stiff competition from its European and American counter parts. American automobile experts Chevrolet will come out with their Chevrolet corvette which is already very popular. Then there are American vehicles such as Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman.

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