2017 Honda AC-X Redesign, Price

This car was introduced by Honda back in 2011 in the Tokyo Motor Show. Initially this car was not so attractive and it did not live up to the hype as expected. Engine performance and specs were below par. It has taken Honda almost six-year as now to make an impact. But fans should not expect a futuristic approach already; there will be many alternatives to be impressed about. Its development is nearly completed.

2017 Honda AC-X - front

Exterior and Interior Redesign of 2017 Honda AC-X

Honda makers did not idle around in the last five-six years since the first Honda AC-X model came out in the market. They have nurtured all the technologies and have done a wonderful job is designing a more futuristic car. This car will have a revolutionary concept and will mark this company’s new generation. Design looks enigmatic and trendy from outside with an innovative hood design along with front bumper. The hind section will not disappoint the fans because single lined tail lights have been installed in those areas. Overall design looks fresh as will surprise the fans because they would be gifted with something special, something that they might have not dreamt in their wildest dreams. 2017 Honda AC-X has been provided with twin-lever system of steering which is very different from many contemporary cars.


Interior specs look classy and if you are a fan of sci-fi movies, 2017 Honda AC-X will definitely remind you of some. Interior design looks to have descended from a fictional architecture. White carbon has been used in the interior parts. The news about this AC X is the presence of an auto-pilot option. Therefore drivers can choose between engine-drive mode as well as auto-drive mode.

2017 Honda AC-X - interior

2017 Honda AC-X – Engine and Fuel Economy

Just like its forerunners, 2017 Honda AC-X will also contain 2 engines. All the trim levels will have 1.6 liter powered four-cylinder engine. Power output of 167 HP is expected to be produced with its internal combustion capacity. The second engine will run on electricity and will be able to reach a maximum speed of 62 mpg when it is fully charged. Both these engines are going to have five-six speed transmission. Fuel economy is going to be economical. Fuel intake per kilometers has been reduced along with carbon dioxide emission rate. This information is based on rumors since no official updates have been listed by Honda AC in their website.

2017 Honda AC-X - rear

2017 Honda AC-X – Expected Release Date and Price

Since the manufacture process of 2017 Honda AC-X is nearly over, fans can expect this car to be launched in the market by the end of 2016 or early 2017. Release date is not expected to be postponed but one cannot predict the changes since official updates are yet to roll in. The Honda AC-X 2017 will definitely cost higher than its predecessors. With the addition of wonderful specs and good engine, price tag is expected to be around $40,000 mark. The base levels will not cost that much and is expected to be in between $37000-$39000.

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