2017 Acura NSX Type R Features, Price

The 2017 Acura NSX Type R is a new Type R variant of the second-generation Acura NSX. This sports car is made for great speed and performance. This car will be coming with new drivetrain variant that will mesmerize fans and customers and most importantly, the cars in its competition zone are pretty much entitled to be doomed. With its killer sporty design, it will be hard not to look at it and just pass by for its outer body design is made very impressive. Its last design 2016 Acura NSX was outrivalled in the markets by its tough competitors, but this is no going to happen with this new model.

2017 Acura NSX Type R - front

2017 Acura NSX Type R – Body Design and Features

The first outer body feature of 2017 Acura NSX Type R that catches attention right away is its captivating low ride sporty design. The body structure and design language are kept the same but with some new modifications done on it. In the front fascia, the grille is redesigned; more splitters are added, extra air intakes are added for better engine cooling. Scaling of the hood is also modified; bumpers are revisited and are slightly modified. The Acura NSX Type R 2017 is made slightly wider, lighter wheels are installed, the rear wing is added. The body parts are made out of carbon fibre materials which have less weight and high durability. Steps have been taken in its interior cabin as well to reduce the total weight of this vehicle. Slimmer bucket seats have been installed which is made of lightweight carbon fibre. The design of the cockpit has been done in such a way that G-force is minimised when there is a radical change in speed or while taking sharp turns. Unnecessary features in this interior cabin are removed, and focus is done more on controlling the car’s performance and acceleration.

2017 Acura NSX Type R - interior

Engine and Performance of 2017 Acura NSX Type R

Details of the engine which this car will be using are not available right now, but this car is likely to use the twin turbocharged engine which has a direct injection. This engine is coupled with three electric motors to increase the output of this drivetrain. A nine-speed dual clutch transmission system will be used with this engine with an all-wheel drive configuration. Other engine options might be available in this new car, but there is no information about this right now. As this new 2017 Acura NSX Type R is a sports car, it has a great performance and impressive speed. This car can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just three seconds.Despite being a high-performance sports car, this Acura NSX Type R also has a great fuel economy. But as of now they are not revealed by the company.

2017 Acura NSX Type R - rear

2017 Acura NSX Type R – Competitors, Price and Release Date

Other cars that will be coming in the competition zone for this model are Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Nissan GT-R R36 NISMO. The Exact price details of this car are still not known, but it is said that its price will not exceed $ 200,000. This new 2017 Acura NSX Type R is going to be launched in early 2017.

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