2017 Honda Jazz Review, Price

Honda has been doing great right since it originated and that is how they have managed to get good repute from their customers. They do not compromise on quality and they have a surprise every time a new version of their cars comes up. There will be no difference in case of 2017 Honda Jazz and Honda fans all over the world are excited to know what surprises they are going to get this time. Well, in this facelift, you will get pretty much all those basic redesigns which are interior, exterior and bit of performance. But the detailed description of these changes will surprise you.

2017 Honda Jazz - front

2017 Honda Jazz – In and out Design with Changes

The 2017 Honda Jazz has got a decent appearance with bigger headlights and standard grille portion. There is a metal bar that passes from the center of grille. This bar holds the brand logo. Headlights are made of two LED rings in each headlight. Ground clearance of this car is low, so off-road drive is strictly prohibited in this or else there will be permanent damage to the chassis of this car. Standard quality 18 inch alloy wheels are installed in this car with six spokes in each wheel. Aerodynamics has been taken care of in this version and therefore air friction has been reduced by great extent. This in turn has helped to improve speed of this car. This time, 2017 Honda Jazz is offered with a shark fin antenna which is the latest trend. Tail lights are bigger than they were before and this will help other cars to spot this car from far away distance.


Interior consoles will be upgraded to their latest version mostly. Almost all essential consoles are present with touch screen as an addition this time. Other features such as Bluetooth, navigation, climate control, etc. are there. A good car is not complete without strong security as present day cars are prone to more theft. Honda knows this well and so they have provided highly reliable security system with this Honda Jazz. They have also kept in mind about safety and so they have offered air bags, ABS, lane assistance, child lock, etc.

2017 Honda Jazz - interior

2017 Honda Jazz – Engine and Fuel Economy

As far as engine specification is concerned, Honda Jazz 2017 has got a 1.3 liter engine with DOHC technology and four cylinders as the base version. There will be another version of engine with a 1.5 liter engine also with DOHC technology. The previous engine will be powered by a five speed transmission manually controlled. The second engine is powered by a six-speed manually controlled transmission system. Another engine of 1.5 liter will be there with hybrid motor and powered by a seven-speed transmission with DCT technology. Fuel economy of this powertrain combined is going to be around 30 mpg.

2017 Honda Jazz - rear

2017 Honda Jazz – Price and Release Date

Release date can change without any prior notice if anything goes wrong during facelift or any complication appears. As of now do dates have been fixed for the launch of 2017 Honda Jazz. Lower trims are going to have a starting price of around $24,000. Higher versions will be priced higher for sure depending on the features and engine version provided.

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