2017 Honda Insight Review, Price

Insight is one of the best-known models of Honda and 2017 Honda Insight is a new Insight model that is arriving as a 2017 model. Over more than 10 0,000 Honda Insight models have been sold over the years. This new model will be made for great fuel economy and better performance. With new features and modifications, this car is surely going to be a tough competition for its competitors in the automobile market.

2017 Honda Insight - front

2017 Honda Insight – Exterior and Interior Redesign

The body of this 2017 Honda Insight is built on a new platform which is also used in Honda Civic sedan. This new body design features an improved overall structure. More aerodynamics are incorporated in this body design for better handling and performance. The overall weight of this new car is reduced by using lightweight carbon fiber materials, wheels are coming in larger dimension, headlights and tail light are revisited, and they incorporate LED technology.


Bumper are modified and has been given a new design, the grille is new and has a futuristic look, the body design is also influenced by the aim of keeping a great fuel economy in this car. From a side view, it can be seen that the side windows are seriously extended towards the back and looks comical. Edges of windows, tail lights and headlights have been kept sharp. In the rear portion, tail lights are extended all the way in the tailgate and both tail lights are joined. Matching metallic accents are added in the grille, window panes and wheel rims. Much progress can be seen on the interior of this new 2017 Honda Insight. High-quality materials are going to be used for covering seats and other interior accessories like dashboard, center console and door panels.

2017 Honda Insight - interior

Engine Specs of 2017 Honda Insight

As this model will be made to have a great fuel economy, unfortunately, there are no exact details as to what engine variants will this car be making use of. But it is expected that this 2017 Honda Insight can use a 1.3 liter four-cylinder engine. Power generation of this is not known right now. This car can also use a new 1.5-liter engine as another option. Again, the output of this engine is unknown. A seven-speed automatic transmission will be used with a front wheel drive configuration. An 8-inch touchscreen display is featured in the center of the dashboard. GPS navigation and infotainment system and other controls to the car can be accessed from this touchscreen display. Speaking of GPS, the navigation system has been upgraded for pinpoint tracking and routing. This new Honda Insight is going to have a great fuel economy that will be its main feature. This car will be giving 44 miles per gallon in highway drive and 41 miles per gallon in city drive.

2017 Honda Insight - side

2017 Honda Insight – Rival, Price and Release Date

This new Honda Insight 2017 is going to have a great fuel economy that will be its main feature. This car will be giving 44 miles per gallon in highway drive and 41 miles per gallon in city drive. This car will also be facing its rivals in the market, but there is no information about its competitors right now. Starting price of this new Insight will be from $20,000 and is expected to go higher. This new 2017 Honda Insight will be released in early 2017.

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