2017 Honda Civic Si Release Date, Price

Honda Civic needs no introduction, it sales records can vouch for its popularity. Without a doubt, this series is to be upgraded and continued. Of the all the upgrades that are due, little information about the latest one was available. Initially, only details regarding the hatchback variant was known. Finally, information about the coupe variant has been made available, and it seems that there are going to be many changes under the hood of it. However nothing is official yet, but the chance are that Honda will release the tenth generation of the discontinued Si variants, and it will be called 2017 Honda Civic Si. Best part, however, is the fact that this particular variant will be easier on the pocket compared to existing Type R models.

2017 Honda Civic Si - front

2017 Honda Civic Si – Body Styles Changes and other Options

Since nothing has been revealed, it is being speculated that 2017 Honda Civic Si will be pretty much coming with the same design as the previous variants did. In terms of upgrades, one might expect new cabin design, technological enhancements and more comfort. Exteriors might feature new bumpers and grills. Last but not the least new LED headlamps are also expected. More will be revealed once it is official.

2017 Honda Civic Si - interior

Engine Variants of 2017 Honda Civic Si

It seems like 2017 Honda Civic Si will be a variant based on its European counterparts. From the sources available online, it has been made clear that two engine options will be available for the Si variant. Even though they are not official but can be trusted with because it seems legit. For the base unit, the Honda Civic Si 2017 is expected to carry a detuned Earth Dreams 2L turbocharged unit. This four barrel unit’s power output is around 158 horsepower and will be considered as the base variant. Other and more powerful engine option will be 1.5L turbocharged unit whose output is around 174 horses. It is higher generally and also when compared to the capacity of its base unit. Honda could have produced better figures within its existing setup, considering that ninth generation yielded pretty promising results but as it turns out they decided to skip the R&D hassle. Both of these engines are to be mated with a six-speed CVT gearbox with exception of one variant that will come with a six-speed manual gear unit. In terms of Fuel efficiency, 2L engine will offer somewhere between 27 mpg to 40 mpg. The 1.5L unit turn out be better in this factor as well and offers a better mileage ranging from 31 mpg to 42 mpg.

2017 Honda Civic Si - rear

2017 Honda Civic Si – Price, Availability and Competition

As it has been stated before, nothing about 2017 Honda Civic Si has been officially announced yet. Therefore exact release date isn’t known. Nevertheless from available info, it can be stated that if Si models don’t hit the showrooms by fourth quarter of 2016, then it will most certainly do so in spring of next year. It is expected to be a little cheaper; at least, that is what the estimated figures reveal. The base variant of this 2017 Honda Civic Si is to be available for an approx. price of $20,000. However price of the other numerous variants will range from $23,000 to $28,000 approx. In terms of competition there is only one other variant to look for if this kind of vehicle someone is looking for, it is new Hyundai Elantra Sport. It is indeed a worthy competitor and offers great specs.

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