Honda Elysion Review

Honda is a well-known car manufacturer around the globe, of its various products; Honda Elysion is a one of the most popular ones. It is a seven to eight seat minivan, with exclusive compact design and handling. This car is a little longer and broader than a luxury sedan but has a capacity to seat double that of sedan. It has a wide variety of usage and is considered as the more financially savvy choice. The first glimpse of Honda Elysion was grabbed at Tokyo Auto Show in 2003 and after a year, the car hit the roads. A little modification was noticed in 2005 model in the form of Aero and VG premium trim levels. But this isn’t it. In 2006, G Navi Aero and VG Navi Aero models were introduced to take this car to a whole new level.

Honda Elysion - front

Honda Elysion – Interior and Exterior Review

This new model is an oval shaped cute looking automobile with superb functionality. The secret behind is its design, which makes the car compact and balanced. There is enough room inside for minimum seven passengers to seat comfortably with their luggage. Next are the long and relaxing seats which never make any kind of tension while travelling. The car is hit in its segment because of many reasons, among which the sliding doors plays a vital role. Headlights are powerful with long range visibility along with LED technology. Interiors are simple with latest features such as navigation system, infotainment gadgets, on board Wi-Fi connectivity, climate controller at the back, rear side air conditioning and individual screen for passengers at the back. The door on rear side is broader for easy loading and unloading of cargo. Overall looks are simple and sober within a reasonable range.

Honda Elysion - interior

Engines and Specifications of Honda Elysion

Basically, two variants were offered by Honda Elysion, one as 2.4 liters with direct fuel injection and IV technology offering 158 horsepower, available in M, G and X. And another one is 3.0 liter V6 engine capable of generating 247 horsepower, also with three variants namely, VM, VG and VX. Later on, the Prestige model was introduced to the segment, with J35A V6 engine which can generate 295 horsepower. The engine used in prestige model of Elysion is also shared by Honda Legend. All-wheel drive option is also available with latter one, but it kills the HP and fuel efficiency.

Honda Elysion - rear

Honda Elysion – Pricing and Competition

The Honda Elysion is available in almost all different parts of the world where there is a good demand for automobiles. Since this car is pretty old in market, prices fluctuate from one territory to another, but in US dollars, it is worth around 45K. Old is not always gold so enquire well before you buy. The competition level is very high because, apart from the external competition Honda is also having internal competition. The model is competing with Honda Odyssey, a large vehicle in its segment. Toyota Alphard and Nissan Elgrand are the external rivals.

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