2017 Honda Accord Coupe New Features, Engine Specifications

The 2017 Honda Accord Coupe is considered to be one of the most anticipated and talked vehicle because it has been rumoured that this time Honda will incorporate some mesmerizing changes in this model. It is also anticipated that this time it will have better fuel efficiency with streamlined elements as compared to its previous models. It is also heard that this time it will have much more spacious cabin. Now let’s check that what are the actual changes that will take place in this new accord coupe.

2017 Honda Accord Coupe - front

2017 Honda Accord Coupe – A lot of New Features

• Manufactured with propelled Compatibility Eng Body Structure
• It will have tempting grille in its front end with etched hood
• Wheels to be manufactured with standard aluminium

The designers have really worked hard in designing this new honda accord coupe. Keeping in mind the safety aspect of the driver and the passengers the engineers have manufactured this model with advanced Compatibility Eng body structure in order to distribute and disband crash energy. This is done to reduce the level of injuries that might happen to driver and its passengers. Designers have given an astounding body lines that include tempting grille in its front end with etched hood.


• Equipped with rear magic seat plan
• Advanced audio infotainment system with 8-inch touch screen
• Fitted with lane watch system that also has camera
• High-tech interior features

Honda Accord Coupe has some astonishing features that will attract most of its potential buyers. This time the car is equipped with a rear magic seat plan in which the seta can be easily folded to create maximum space for cargo. Both right rear seat and passengers’ seat in the front can be folded to create space for cargo. It is also enabled with advanced audio infotainment system that comes with 8-inch touch screen display. Considering the safety aspect Honda has used a lane watch system fitted with a camera to witness the happenings in the adjacent lane. Apart from that features like advanced navigation system, eco-assist technology, Pandora internet radio, electronic parking brake, HD traffic reports, cruise control with audio support and telescopic steering wheel are also installed in 2017 Honda Accord Coupe. However, nothing has revealed by the company about the fuel economy but according to some reliable sources from auto industry it is heard that 2017 Honda Accord Coupe will deliver fuel mileage of 33mpg combined.

2017 Honda Accord Coupe - interior

2017 Honda Accord Coupe – Engine Specifications and Fuel Economy

In this new luxurious sedan, Honda has incorporated four-cylinder i-VTEC gasoline 2.4Liter engine that can generate up to 186 horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque. The powertrain is combined with 8-speed DCT transmission that can deliver much better fuel economy than its previous models. The honda accord coupe 2017 is designed with all-wheel-drive system and front-wheel drive plus system.

2017 Honda Accord Coupe - side

2017 Honda Accord Coupe – Competitors, Expected Price and Date of Launch

Competition in the car industry is quite heavy and large because almost all the manufacturers have to put lots of effort and resources in their model to establish in the market. The main competitors of 2017 Honda Accord Coupe are Kia Optima, Mazda 6 and Nissan Altinma. Price of 2017 honda accord ranges from $28,000 to $36,000. The Company haven’t revealed any news about the release date of this vehicle but it is expected that 2017 Honda Accord Coupe will be launched at the end of 2016.

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