2017 Honda Acty Fuel Economy, Cabin and Storage

Honda Acty is a series of Kei trucks and microvans manufactured by the Japanese auto manufacturer Honda. It is mainly designed for Japanese domestic auto market. With 2017 Honda Acty, the minivan category of Honda will receive another interesting addition. The name ’Acty’ basically stands for ‘Activity’. As the name would imply, this model is mainly used as a commercial vehicle. It is mainly designed to be an agile and economical work vehicle. Usually, it lacks luxurious options, although features like power steering and air conditioning are available in various trims and customization options.

2017 Honda Acty - front

Exterior, Cabin and Storage of 2017 Honda Acty

Honda does not compromise on the built quality of a car and this 2017 Honda Acty is no different in this aspect. This honda acty features a robust built quality and materials used during its manufacturing process are sturdy and strong. This 2017 honda acty will be featuring an ergonomic makeover, which will result in increased performance and better maneuverability along with overall improvement. Despite being relatively small in size, this vehicle still offers incredible performance. It also allows you to easily take sharp turns while still maintaining a perfect balance even with great load. Some other modifications to Honda Acty comes with bumper, light and even a few lines have been added which make this new Acty look sportier.


This 2017 honda acty is a 2-seater vehicle and both passenger and driver seats are well placed. Seating position allows them to work as a unit. Along with comfortable and spacious cabin, there is a lot of storage space for carrying heavy cargo. There are two doors on each side and they cab opened by sliding. They also provide easy and convenient access to cargo space.

2017 Honda Acty - front

2017 Honda Acty – Engine Specification and Fuel Economy

The 2017 Honda Acty will be having a 3 cylinder, 12 valves SOHC E072 with a displacement capacity of 60 cc. This engine has the capacity of delivering 53 HP max along with 35 lb ft of torque at 5000 rpm. In order to meet demands of various consumers, both Four Wheel Drive and Two Wheel Drive is offered with this vehicle. Manual transmission is offered as standard while automatic variant is also offered in higher trims. As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, Honda Acty is expected to offer 32 mpg of fuel economy for combined drive and 25 mpg for city drive. With an excellent fuel economy like this, Honda totally nails this aspect of the vehicle.

2017 Honda Acty - rear

2017 Honda Acty – Release Date, Pricing and Competition

Honda may not have released any official information about price and release date of  Honda Acty; it is expected to release late in 2016 or early in 2017. It should be priced within the range of $14000-$16000. As compared to the previous model, this 2017 model will receive plenty of improvements, which includes upgraded utility and improved cargo space. Exterior and interior quality will also get several upgrades. Some of its main competitors include:
Subaru Sambar
• Daihatsu Hijet
• Mitsubishi minicab
• Suzuki Carry
All the above mentioned vehicles are equally performing models and give a tough competition to the Honda Acty model.

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